Technology – the new childbirth?

Childbirth can be complicated, messy, protracted and …  vindicated via the arrival of a new life.

Which is exactly how I am feeling as I seek to embrace yet more technology  … and download programs I have successfully lived without.  And, like childbirth, I can’t know for sure that the change I am  bringing into my life will be as I anticipated.

I know I am ‘more‘ as a result of my experiences as a parent and based on that logic  I am embracing my first unit in my Masters of Learning and Development – “Networked and Global Learning”.

So Blogging, Diido, Mendeley, Feedley are now part of my life.  Unfamiliar arrivals that I don’t know how to deal with. I think I will like them, but as yet they aren’t familiar enough to be enjoyable.

And like children they have already brought home friends that are also taking up space.

Yet more strangers to grapple with and learn to love (or shove out the house never to return).



[Image courtesy of publicdomainspictures]