Page, post and “Glossary for Networked and Global Learning & the Technologically challenged”


Progress!  Announcing the arrival of a page.

“Glossary for Networked and Global Learning & the Technologically challenged”

When to use a page and when to use a post?

In my efforts to get on top of online learning and contributing to the online community, I have finally understood the differing purposes of page and post.

While learning in this new area, unfamiliar terms often interrupt the task at hand as I have to look up their meanings.  And once I have found them (since people rarely remember things the first time),  I find myself looking them up repeatedly.

  • ‘I need a list!’, I think to myself.
  • And then, because I am seeking to use technology better, I have to think about where will I put it electronically rather than just do a paper list.
  • And since I am looking to do this all online and contribute to others on a similar path, I have to think about where to put it so that others might benefit from it

And that’s when it occurred to me that a post isn’t something that gets edited and re-edited.  If a post is similar to a news article, then a page might be like the masthead or editors column.  Something that is static since it is always there and needed and also may get edited over time.

It’s not just making the decisions that takes time.  It’s also learning from scratch how to do everything.  This is when being clear in your objectives and why you want to achieve them is so important.


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