The Language of Sharing: Courtesy and Sharing Content on the Internet


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New learning!  Just when I thought it was safe to enter the water.

Giving credit to others for their work is something taught automatically in university.  Indeed, they specify what referencing system to use.  As someone with a research background, it shouldn’t surprise me therefore, there are are guidelines for referencing others work on the internet.

So here is a link to Corey Eridon’s blogpost, “How Not to Steal People’s Content on the Web”

It provides clear guidelines for crediting others work.  It covers;

    • blog posts
    • social media
    • guest blogger and ghost writers
    • images and visual content

Is this the best post or even correct in what he is saying?  I don’t know, however I have to start somewhere and so this is the basis for my ‘rules of crediting’ until I learn differently.


4 thoughts on “The Language of Sharing: Courtesy and Sharing Content on the Internet

  1. From my perspective, Corey’s post is largely correct. Perhaps takes too much of a marketing perspective for my ivory tower perspective (e.g. the focus on minimising the size of quotes to maintain search engine rankings – or some such).

    Given my more academic pursuits I do tend to include full academic referencing for papers, books etc..


  2. Hi Tracy

    I have found that within academia, the APA system tends to be used predominantly in the Arts and Humanities, whereas the “Sciences” will often use the Harvard referencing system. But just to complicate matters even further, most publishers have slightly different requirements for how the references should be formatted. These can vary dramatically – for example, Nature ( is a really BIG science journal uses a numbering system rather than in-text citations, and puts the year of publication at the end of the reference. Needless to say, it makes remembering how you are supposed to format references rather confusing – at least to my mind 🙂




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