Could it be that simple?

I’ve been resisting what I thought was the online community with the shallow “me too!” of social media with “Here is a picture of what I had for dinner last night.”

Yet I think I have been a part of the online community without realising (and that shallow use of social media is similar to shallow use of anything – just a part).

Today the cleaner came.  She doesn’t like our current steam cleaner.  It’s a secret that both of us know and neither acknowledge.

While she was here, I…

1. Went online and googled ‘steam cleaners’ to see what is available.

2. I then read online comsumer reports relating to various models (which meant I felt more confident purchasing it).

3. I then googled price comparisons to get the best deal.

4. I rang the store and physically went and purchased it (although could have bought it online and had it delivered).

5. Unpacked it and looked at the written instructions.  They weren’t clear. So … (yes, David, I think I am catching on) I went to YouTube and watched some videos about my new steam cleaner.  Finally I found one that showed me what I needed to know (and in the interim I discovered all these cool (hot?) things I can do with my new toy).

Watch on YouTube some of the fun things you too can do with a steam cleaner:

Okay. I get that this isn’t yet at the active level I hope to end up, however it did show me that I use online and the output of various online communities way more than I realised.  Also, I am becoming a fan of YouTube for learning how to do things as a video works for me so much better than static information.

So, not only will my future be cleaner, I am thinking I will use the online community (via, Google, YouTube and online forums) to help me learn the basics of FileMaker Pro … and may even stretch to see if I can get a baby FileMaker pro database online.


Had to go to YouTube to discover how to add YouTube (this stuff is almost addictive)

Thanks to isitebuild.


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