The unseasoned traveller

Damn, just when I thought I knew what I was doing, along comes something else.
LOL isn’t that life!

Distance: Image courtesy of Phil Whitehouse on Flickr

Before I go on to summarize my learning about tags and categories, it strikes me that at this point, due to my ‘newbie’ status, finding something else to learn (tags) seems a further impost on already stretched resources.  Yet, I don’t react this way in my other life of psychology , effectiveness and the workplace.  In my work world, discovering a new avenue of learning triggers excitement and enthusiasm.  I am filled with possibility and ways in which the new knowledge can enrich my practice.

The key difference may well be familiarity.

In my area of expertise I know where the new learning is likely to fit into existing knowledge.  Also the new is a small addition compared to the wealth of what I have already accumulated.  Not so with the EDU8117 content.  It is all uncharted territory so any indication that there may be even more territory to cover than was originally suspected seems overwhelming.

Time and persistence will fix this.
Roll on familiarity.  I promise I won’t treat it with contempt.