Tristram Hunt MP asks: Who Should Have the Power to Create the School Curriculum?

The following YouTube presentation looks at the significance on a country level of educational implications brought about by the digital revolution.

Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Tristram Hunt MP visited the RSA to explore the future of the curriculum in the context of emerging technological and pedagogical innovations.  This is part of the RSA and the Institute of Education Grand Curriculum Designs, a pioneering professional development programme for school leaders and other educators.

5.26 So awesome is the technological power being unleashed by this digital revolution that I do not believe it will  be long before someone proposes an entirely institution-less model of schooling.

Do not mistake me.  I passionately believe that we must celebrate the fact we educate our children in a supportive social environment and that there is something intrinsically valuable in schools as dedicated learning communities where young children learn from each other as well as teachers.

But we only have to look at the popularity of massive open online courses and the Curriculum of One movement in the United States to understand how such a model might look in the hands of those less committed to the social ethos of schooling.

The presentation highlights the need for educational institutions to rethink the way they interact with students. As well as to reconsider what their role might be in the coming years.  It may be that the key purpose of schools in the future isn’t as much guiding education as guiding socialisation.


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