Me as Teacher and … OMG Rocketboard!

The reason I am undertaking both the MLAD and EDU8117 (as my first unit) is to remain current , relevant and useful as a teacher/trainer/facilitator.  Given that I work in the corporate world, I want to be able to incite, assist and support learning in a variety of settings.

EDU8117 is insisting that I engage with tools that aren’t currently part of my skill and teaching set.  It’s why I am here and embracing the technology (What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, yeah, yeah!).

David in his post – Knowing, learning and teaching in NGL asks us to:

focus toward how and what you might change about your teaching (and your students’ learning) through NGL.

Here is a magic example of how technology can facilitate a better student outcome and how I might change my teaching.

I am a huge whiteboard fan, whether at an organisation, delivering a conference or working with a group on individual.  I believe that the information developed for and with the people involved has greater impact that a more formalised image prepared earlier. They know its for them as they saw and helped the whiteboard evolve.  For instance, currently my individual client notes are photographs of the data developed on the whiteboard during the session.  We both have great recall of what we talked about and it doesn’t require me spending a lot of time transcribing the information into traditional text.

[Reflection:  A downside maybe that when I do transcribe the notes, a secondary level of processing and clarity occurs, however that doesn’t negate the wealth of information captured on the original whiteboard.]

One of the wonderful digital tools for collaborative learning based on my love of whiteboards is Rocketboard.  This fantastic application allows you to convert any drawable space into an online presentation or snapshot.  And others can share theirs.  It is still pre-launch, so if you think this will appeal to you then click on the Rocketboard link.


While not as comprehensive as Hayat’s post “CLEM as teacher“, there is a part of me that does see Rocketboard as pushing my boundaries with networked learning since others can share what I am doing and contribute.

On the other hand Brendon in his post  “Designing Opportunities for Transformation with Emerging Technologies”  points out that;

 “Attempts at integrating technology within education, however, have often focused on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the status quo, replacing traditional instructional approaches with ones that are technologically reinforced, yet qualitatively similar”

This can be true depending upon how Rocketboard is used.

Then again it might elicit the “fun, excitement,creativity, and aesthetic aspects of instruction” which are “largely lacking in educational technology implementations”.  Thanks Brendon for the summary and reference to  “Designing Opportunities for Transformation with Emerging Technologies” by George Veletsianos.

I’ll just have to try it and see.