About Tracey McGrath

[Header image courtesy of Jakerome on Flikr]

 Well, here I go.  This is my site for my Masters of Learning and Development unit EDU8117 Networked and Global Learning.

As a lifelong learner, I believe it is important to continue learning, growing, and risking.  It’s too easy to get comfortable and remain at the same level of awareness.   Therefore, I am embracing a Masters in Learning and Development online via the University of Southern Queensland.


I have deliberately chosen an online Masters degree comprising topics and research that relate to technology.


Because I don’t know a lot about the many technological options available.  I’ve had a website and email for over twenty years, however I’m not on Facebook, am ignorant of Twitter and don’t spend ages trawling the web reading blogs.  I am more typically found curled up with a textbook in my hand.  Also, as a psychologist and corporate speaker, there is a tendency to assume that face-to-face is best.  So it’s time to embrace the world of technology and learn new ways to learn, grow and contribute to the world-at-large.

Therefore, my objective is to explore how internet-based technology can aid improving effectiveness (individual and/or organisational).

So questions I intend to explore include;

  • How do we grapple with information overload in confusing situations?
  • What are the major types of technology currently being used in education?
  • What would be useful guidelines for effectively managing the various technologies?

Right now I am feeling excited,confused and daunted.

For the curious, my other role looks like this: Tracey McGrath International


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