Me as Student
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Essentially I want to be as open as possible about my journey as a student.

In much of my professional life I am in the role of ‘expert’.  This needs balancing with novice, so here I am. This unit is both what I want and what I need.

So the journey so far…

I have been struggling with my feelings of inadequacy, confusion, and frustration as I work to get a handle on the EDU8117’s content.  I hadn’t realised how invested my self-identity was with being ‘clever and competent’ until I wasn’t.  I also hadn’t realised the extent of my expertise in my field until I came across to education and many of the terms and background knowledge are different.  I hadn’t realised the extent to which I would ‘nod my head’ in my field when a term, model, author, or piece of research was mentioned until I come to a field where that wealth of knowledge is absent.  The ‘expert’ in me is afraid to reveal this ignorance and suffer a blow to the ‘brand’, but that’s just ego.  If I truly want to be ‘good at what I do’, ‘help others’ and grow then I need to be as authentic and willing to risk as possible.  I need to be real!  Wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “Me as Student

  1. I’m thinking (hoping) that as you’ve caught up with the posts of the other NGL participants you’ve seen some of the same feelings. Perhaps not to quite the same extent as you as it appears most of the others have some form of background in education.

    The exploration of the connections (and disconnects) between your expertise (networks of knowledge) and the different networks you come into contact with through the course and program will be interesting.

    I also wonder whether you’re struggling with the change that Siemens (2006) identifies about “know where” replacing “know what” and “know how”. Or whether you agree with that idea?

    I mention my own struggles with that in this post in response to a post from Elisha that you actually commented on.


  2. Hi Tracey

    I love how you have described the conflict between being an expert in your professional life and admitting to being a novice in this area. I must amit that really resonates with me – having spent a number of years trying to develop a professional identity, and establish oneself within a field, it is very confronting being asked to “share” the mess so publicly. In fact, I am not at all comfortable with that – so could I ask you to please change the link to my blog so that it just shows my first name and initial. I have deliberately not provided my full name on my blog, so that I can maintain the separation between student and professional. SImilarly, I have set my blog so that it can’t be found by search engines (I would have preferred to keep it as private, but then the entries aren’t uploaded into the USQ system). Thanks.



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