Me as Teacher

[Image courtesy of enjosmith on Flikr]

I work out of Perth, Western Australia and am passionate about ‘ the working adult‘.  After all, if the workforce is well, then this wellness extends to the rest of society via socially responsive practices, tolerance, supporting charities, undertaking volunteer work etc.  Whereas, when the workforce is stressed and struggling, then they are less available to consider and support those unable to support themselves.

My work is (in my opinion) really cool and really diverse.  It’s roughly;

  • 1/3 speaking at conferences and/or delivering specialist professional development programs in workplaces across a variety of industries and locations,
  • 1/3 going into organisations to diagnose and develop solutions to workplace situations, and
  • 1/3 working one-on-one with individuals to ‘raise the bar’ on performance.

From the earliest age I have memories of ‘helping’ others as they tell me their concerns and we explore attitudes and options.  My interests all revolve around what makes us more ‘effective’ as people.  This means my library is filled with books relating to effectiveness, communication, leadership, negotiation, emotional intelligence, executive coaching, self-esteem, mindset, organisational behaviour and change management …  you get my drift.

In addition, I am a Lifeline volunteer crisis supporter on Thursday nights.

[Image courtesty of Tatters on Flikr]
[Image courtesty of Tatters on Flikr]

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